Le French Cafe

A bustling brasserie with a French atmosphere where you can go from early in the morning until late at night. Le French Café has that Amsterdam edge: a tad cheeky with a distinct style, throwing a breath of fresh air through the authentic French brasserie. "Expect a surprising accent on the dishes, the service and the ambiance", says owner Job Ouderland. Job has been visiting the French Dordogne since childhood, where his love for French cuisine originated. “It's all about the quality of the product, no fuss, just good food. All day long."



Upon entering, the fruits de mer bar, richly filled with oysters, crevettes, cockles, and langoustines, winks at you. Once at the table, there is no way back: artichoke from the market, classic steak tartare, bouillabaisse, varying fresh fish, and a beautiful côte de boeuf. Influences from the Javastraat also make their appearance: an appetizer of kebab and a pita with mushrooms. The kitchen is led by Jeroen Donker - who acquired his knowledge from, among others, teachers Pieter Damen, John Halvemaan, and Ricardo van Ede. The wine menu is diverse in quality and price. Vin nature is also served, just next to the classics from Bourgogne and Loire.



The newspaper is ready on the terrace for morning coffee, a glass of wine is allowed at any time and the extensive menu has something to offer for every hour of the day. A croissant for breakfast and a croque monsieur for lunch. An extensive selection of cheeses and charcuterie for a drink, a chicken with chips that is rounded off with a dirty martini or white negroni at the bar. That won't be just one either, because the late night drinks and pleasant atmosphere will keep you stuck until the late hours. Santé!